Gustafson Guthrie Nichol

New Logo 

Old Logo

While elegant and impactful, GGN's previous logo proved difficult to format in various settings. A condensed acronym with a strong slab serif asserted the firm's point of view, even when diminished in size. 
In-house photography: GGN utilizes hand drawn and non-digital methods of renderings and project conceptualization. Colored pencil and marker drawings are used throughout the project process, which are often more expressive than their digital counterparts. 
Stationery suite
Plant research at the UW Greenhouse
Poster created for UW Landscape Architecture seminar, as part of parallel Year of Drawing Series at GGN and UW.
An updated website hosted through Squarespace, with additional customization from Twin Collective, made GGN's portfolio mobile-friendly. 

In-house photography

UW School of Medicine (South Lake Union, WA)

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